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The solution to the problem of dangerous slippery wet floors!

Wet or highly polished surfaces are a serious risk to health and safety and the consequence of a slip and fall accident can be disastrous. Agua-Safe is the Spanish distributor for Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment. This is a transparent anti slip flooring solution designed to increase the coefficient of friction on wet surfaces. The slip resistance of wet or moist surfaces is immediately improved.

Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment can be applied to a variety of surfaces, both indoors and out.

The treatment works by creating micro pores in the surface of the treated area which create a vacuum effect when walked on when wet. This improves traction and significantly reduces the risk of slipping. It is easy and safe to apply and surfaces can be used immediately after the treatment is applied.

With Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment from Agua-Safe you can protect your family, guests, customers and employees from the risk of slipping on wet surfaces without the need for additional building work.

Agua-Safe in Action Agua-Safe can be used in many areas of your home or business

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